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January 2022
This is still in the works but due to the pandemic, my job loss, and health issues, I've had to put this project and the directory on hold for the time being.
I hope to pick it back up soon. Thank you!

The Boys Can Be Princesses Too Project wants to create a directory of supportive character companies so parents know were they can go to find a positive experience for their child! 


Add your company if:

  • You and your performers would be positive and supportive to any boys they meet that are dressed as princesses or other female characters (as well for girls as male characters)!

  • You have zero tolerance for bullying or negative comments to boys dressed as female characters (or girls dressed as male characters, etc). You or your performers would step in as necessary if this is encountered at any events or parties. You and your characters would be allies to any child that is dressing or playing in ways that are not stereotypical for their gender and would defend them as needed.

  • You and your performers would call people by their preferred pronouns when requested. 

More details:

  • Open to anyone in the world!

  • It's free to be listed!

  • The directory will be listed on this website once I have enough listings.

  • Listings will be sorted by location (country, state/province, city) and in alphabetical order. No one can play to have their listing featured or promoted, etc. 


E-mail me

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