Can my son participate?

Absolutely! We're looking for more participants so we can get photos with the whole line up of princesses (and then some!) If you or someone you know would be intersted in participating, please visit our sign up page here: Participate I am also working on building a team of collaborators all around the world! So if you aren't able to participate in a Chicago, IL shoot, keep an eye on the website and Facebook page to see when one pops up in your area!

Also, please feel free to join our special Facebook group for parents and supporters!
Boys Can Be Princesses Too Support Group

Why are you forcing little boys to wear dresses?

I assure you I am not! The boys are participating because they want to. I'd never make anyone do anything they don't want to do - participation is purely voluntary! These boys are old enough to know who they want to play pretend as, and they have chosen to play as princesses! Children this age pick out their own Halloween costumes, knwo what food they like, have favorite colors, favorite movies, favorite songs. They defintely know what they like and what they dont'! And some boys know they like princesses.

I understand that many people do not think a boy would ever want to wear a dress, but this project, and the comments from fellow parents, shows that yes, there are boys that absolutely DO love wearing princesses dresses!

In fact the whole point of the project is to promote the idea of NOT forcing your children to play how YOU want them to! So we are on the same page here :)

I would love to help with this project! What can I do?

Awesome, glad to hear it! There are a few ways you can help out, even if you aren't local to Chicago:

  • Spread the word!
    • Like us and Share our posts on Facebook
    • Use hastag #BoysCanBePrincessesToo
    • Send the project to social media pages, news sources, bloggers, vloggers, influencers, celebrities, any one or anything that might be interested and help get the word out further!
    • The more places these pictures are, the more likely the people that need to see them will see them!
  • Send kind words!
    • This project creates a lot of hate, so any love you can send would be greatly appreciated! Emails, Facebook comments or messages, all are welcome and very much needed!
  • Donate!
    • I'm doing these photoshoots probono, but unfortately the studio space is not free! Donations help with all the costs associated with doing a series of free photo shoots. And it helps me spread the word, by paying for advertising!
    • You can donate here: GoFundMe Campaign
  • Moderate the comments!
    • Facebook doesn't always notify page owners of new comments, so if you see a particularly nasty comment on a picture of one of the participants, please message the page asap. Thanks for looking out!
  • Anything else you can think of!
    • Have a talent or business or anything else you think might be able of service to this project? I'm all ears!

Anyone can be a princess! Why are you excluding everyone but boys?

I totally agree that anyone can be a princess! But showcasing more than one issue in the project would diminish the impact and message of each one. Many people have expressed concern that the princesses in the project are generic and should be other genders, races and body types. I think that would be an amazing photo project, but for this particular project, I will just be focusing on the boys. The princesses will remain accurate and true to their characters because 1) the boys participating thing they are real! and 2) it would take then focus off the boys if the princesses were different as well. So I will save that for a different project though, so stayed tuned!

Why only boys?
I chose to only focus on boys for this project because I wanted to make the message as strong and clear as possible. I worried that the message of "it's ok for a boy to be a princess" would get lost in a more broader project and that would be an injustice to them.

Granted, a project like this has the ability to shed light on many different groups and issues, and it's tempting to try and do more, but I think it will be a stronger impact by focusing on just one issue. If I were to have featured many different types of princesses with the boys, it would have taken the light off the boys and their struggle. It would have diminished all of the messages and done a disservice to every group featured by not focusing on just them and their struggles. By focusing on just boys, I'm able to draw attention to just that issue.

I do have plans for different types of shoots in the future, but I also am hoping this shoot inspires other people to do similar photo projects of their own! So if there is something you really feel passionate about and want to try to tackle it yourself, do it! And feel free to contact me if you want any input on how to do it :) You can reach me at

I want to do my own Boys Can Be Princesses Too Photoshoot! Can it be part of this project?

Possibly! If you want to do your own shoot and have it tied to this project, you can apply to be an Official Collaborator!

What does that mean?
Being an Official Boys Can Be Princesses Too Project Collaborator means that you can host your own photo shoots in your own city to help spread our message all over the world! Official Collaborator's will get to use the official Boys Can Be Princesses Too logo on their photos AND have their photos displayed on the official Boys Can Be Princesses Too website and Facebook page! The more photos of boys playing princess we put out there, the more people will see them and the more normal it will become!

How do I apply?
Here is the page for people to apply:

Boys can't be princesses! "Princess" literally means female! Why can't they be princes?

Don't worry, no one is trying to say boys can literally become princesses! This is about playtime and pretending - make believe! The project is saying boys can be princesses the same way they can be superheroes or Paw Patrol pups or ninja turtles or dragons or whatever else their imagination comes up with. Everyone knows they cannot literally BE those things, but they can when they play!

These boys are pretending to be specific characters they love, which happen to be princesses. They can be princes if they want too. No one is saying they can't. This project is about not limiting a child's play based on gender roles... or semantics.

The title of the project is simply rhetoric, not meant to be taken literally. To do so just totally misses the whole point of the project!

What if I don't agree with this message?

That’s ok! I know not everyone is going to agree or support this project. You absolutely have the right to your own opinion. However, please read through everything on the site before passing (and posting) judgement, as many people seem to misunderstand this project and its intentions.

This project is about letting go of gender stereotypes so we can let kids play however they want. To not stifle their imagination, creativity, or fun just because of society’s gender norms. We’re doing a great job empowering girls (letting them play as beloved male characters, enjoy what other’s consider “boy” things, etc) now let’s empower boys too.

Granted I know it can be uncomfortable, annoying, angering or even scary when such views are called into question. I don’t blame you. It’s been that way for so long, it's hard to think of it any other way. It's honestly normal to feel defensive about it. But I urge you to stop for a minute and think, really think about this project and this message.

This project might not change anyone's mind, but I'm hoping it at least gets people thinking, quesitoning, and talking about issues such as gender roles in children's playtime. Like the quote from Cinderella: "Just because it's what's done doesn't mean it's what should be done." Meaning just because that's the way it's always been, doesn't mean it's the way it always should be. Something to think about!

I'm open to civil discussions or to answering questions and providing more clarity about the project and its message :) Feel free to join the discussion on Facebook:
(Civil discussion is encouraged but know that any hate speech from either side will be blocked! Keep it mature everyone!)

My son loves "girly" things but I'm afraid to post about it publicly. Any suggestions?

Sure! Come join our special Facebook group for parents and supporters! It's a private group so you are safe to post pictures, questions, discussions, whatever!

Check it out here:
Boys Can Be Princesses Too Support Group

Membership approval is strict, so please answer all the questions it asks when joining as throughly as possible. It also helps to have liked our main Facebook page ;)

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