Take part in a photo shoot!

Currently this project is based in Chicago, IL but I'm working to expand it WORLD WIDE! Check back soon for a list of official photo shoots. In the meantime, add your location to our database so I can get an idea where we are needed! Location Form


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Want to participate? Here are the requirements:

  • Looking for boys ages 3-13 years old. 

  • This project is looking for boys only! I'm aiming to show the world that boys can like princesses too! Don't worry though, I already have ideas other empowering shoots already! So stay tuned! 

  • Must actually like to wear princess dresses! They will need to wear one for the shoot. 

  • Boys should be dressed like the princess they are meeting (not a prince or other character!).  I will provide a dress for them to wear but they are welcome to wear their own.

  • We are only doing one child per princess, to allow as many little boys as possible to meet their idols! 

More details:

  • The shoot is private - just you, your boy with the princess and me, the photographer! There may be a videographer and an assistant, but other than that, just us! No other families will be shooting when you are. 

  • Shoot will take place in Chicago, IL, just north of downtown. Exact location will be given to chosen participants only.

  • It is FREE to participate! However, in exchange for the free photo shoot, any photos or video taken at the shoot will be able to be used promotionally for The Boys Can Be Princesses Too Project and/or Kitty Wolf Photography for any purpose.

  • Shoot will last approximately 30-45 minutes.

  • Shoot will consist of candid shots or your boy interacting with the princess, as well as some posed shots

  • Participants will receive 3-5 edited photos once the project is complete.

  • Kitty Wolf Photography will own the rights to all photos and video taken at the shoot.


Read the participation FAQs below!
Or e-mail us Project@BoysCanBePrincessesToo.com

If interested, fill out the application below and I'll contact you in a few days!

My son's favorite princess is not listed, or listed as taken, can I still request her?

If a princess is not listed on the form, unfortunately she is either taken or not available for this shoot. Currently I won't be doing duplicates in the Chicago area, but the project may travel so stayed tuned!
But keep an eye on Kitty Wolf Photography's Facebook page to see any other Princess and Me Photo Shoots I'll be offering in the future! Click here follow Kitty Wolf Photography on Facebook

Does my son have to wear a dress?

This partiuclar project is looking for boys who like to wear princess dresses. While I understand that not every child that likes princesses wants to dress up as them, the goal of this project is to shine a light on those boys that do. This project was actually inspired by the adorable "Princess and Me" photo shoots that many princess party companies do. I love those shoots but noticed it was almost alawys little girls with the princesses. So I wanted to produce a series shining a light on the boys that would love to do these photo shoots as well, to help them see princesses are for them too.

Where is the photo shoot?

The photo shoot will take place at Pendulum Space in Chicago, IL. More instructions will be given to those selected to participate.

Will the photos of my son be used for marketing?​

Yes any photos or video taken at the shoot can be used in marketing for The Boys Can Be Princesses Too Project or its affliates as well as Kitty Wolf Photography. This is in exchange for the photo shoot being FREE! Once your photos are completed, they will be added to the gallery of all project's photos! This is displayed publicaly to show the world that boys in princess dresses are beautiful and amazing! You can view the current gallery here: Gallery

Pictures may also be used in online publications, documentarties, television shows or other media that might report on the project. Your personal information will always remain private though! We can also change names if you do not want you or your child's real names used.

How many digital photos will I receive?

Each participant will recieve 3-5 edited photos once the project is complete. These images are free, but options to buy prints may also be available.

When will I receive the photos?

Photos will be edited and processed as soon as possible but it could take up to several weeks! This is a passion project and while I'd love to devote all my time to it, unfortunately my other obligations have to come first.

Can I bring my daughter or another child to the shoot?

Please only bring the child that is signed up for the shoot. Unforunately any other child brought will not get to meet the princess or have their photo taken. While I know princesses are incredble and everyone would like to meet them, I would like to keep the interaction one-on-one to make it a truly special and amazing time for these little boys. Plus there is simply not a lot of space or time to have more than one child present. Please keep in mind, I am offering this photoshoot at no charge, so it is very exclusive, with a very specific goal in mind. Thank you for respecting the rules to only have one child present at the shoot. Keep an eye on Princesscapades' Facebook page though, to see when they'll be offering Princess and Me Photo Shoots in the future! Click here follow us on Facebook

Will you provide the dresses?

Yes we'll have a dress for you little boy to borrow for the phoot shoot! However he is more than welcome to wear his own. Many of the little boys wore their own and changed into ours part way through the shoot too, just to change things up! It's always fun to have a costume change!