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Host an official photo shoot!

Are you a princess party company owner, photographer or other individual interested in hosting your own official Boys Can Be Princesses Too photo shoot? Apply to be an Official Collaborator!

What does it mean to be an Official Collaborator? 

Being an Official Boys Can Be Princesses Too Project Collaborator means that you can host your own photo shoots in your own city to help spread our message all over the world! Official Collaborator's will get to use the official Boys Can Be Princesses Too logo on their photos AND have their photos displayed on the official Boys Can Be Princesses Too website and Facebook page! 

The more photos of boys playing princess we put out there, the more people will see that this is normal and ok. The amount of hate I've received just for pictures of boys in dresses shows how much this project is needed. Boys who like dressing up as princesses have always existed and will continue to exist despite the haters. I'm just here to show the world they're there. No amount of hate mail, articles, comments, or videos will make them go away, or make the people that support them support them any less. Support for these boys will only continue to grow and the hate will diminish in time. And you can be part of that growth! 

In order to post photos under the Boys Can Be Princesses Too name and be apart of this growing, global project, you MUST be approved. Start by applying below!

What do Official Collaborators get?


  • Use of the logo/watermark on photos

  • Your photos will be displayed on the Boys Can Be Princesses Too project and website

  • Company/Photographer info listed on website as official collaborator

  • Access to the collaborators group where we can share tips and ideas

  • Free printable signs for your photoshoot

  • Free printable "Honorary Princess" certificate with "him/his" pronouns

  • Email templates to use when communicating with participants

  • Form template for applicants

  • Contract/models release template (for US)

  • Best practice tips for everything from taking the photos to dealing with haters

  • "Official BCBPT Photographer" badge for website and social media

  • Premade graphics to promote your collaboration (ie "Now looking for participants!" etc) featuring current Boys Can Be Princesses Too photos

  • Ability to apply for funds to help offset any costs incured such a studio rental. Funds aren't guaranteed and depend on donations to our GoFundMe and purchases from our store. An application for funds will be included in your Collaboration Kit 

Restrictions Apply! You may not profit from your collaboration with this project.

What can Official Collaborators do?

You may:

  • Use your photos to promote your company (such as social media posts/ads or printed material like business cards)

  • Use your photos to promote any photography events, princess and me shoots, mini sessions etc.


You may NOT:

  • Sell prints

  • Sell merchandise

  • Sell any costumes or props donated to you for the shoot from The Boys Can Be Princesses Too Project

  • Keep the photos behind a paywall - meaning people have to pay or subscribe in order to see them

  • Charge for the official Boys Can Be Princesses Too photoshoots. This includes requiring a "donation" to particpate in the shoot or a barter of services in order to participate

  • Use the Boys Can Be Princesses Too logo on any picture that has not been approved. To do so would be a copyright violation and would be treated as such.

If approved, you'll receive a contract to sign and more detailed collaboration guidelines. 


E-mail us

If interested, fill out the application below & I'll contact you as soon as possible!

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