The Boys Can Be Princesses Too Project!

Because no child should
feel ashamed of the things that bring them 

What is the Boys Can Be Princesses, Too Project?

The Boys Can Be Princesses, Too Project is a collaboration between photographer Kitty Wolf and Chicago based children's party company Princesscapades Princess Parties.

It is a series of photos of little boys dressed as their favorite princesses -- together with their favorite princesses! The photos highlight the pure happiness and joy the boys feel when wearing a dress and serve as a reminder that our own hang-ups, assumptions and judgements should never get in the way of a child's innocent enjoyment and imaginative fun.
This project is designed to show support for kids and parents of kids that choose to play as princesses, no matter their gender. And perhaps show the world it's ok to play as whoever you want, even if it's a boy in a ballgown. 

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A photo series designed to encourage children to play as whoever they want regardless of their gender.  

DISCLAIMER: The Boys Can Be Princesses Too Project  is in no way affiliated with any existing organization.
All characters are inspired by a variety of works and ideas.